Latest Technological Trends in Entertainment and Media Industry

The last decade has confronted a major change in the way users viewed media, leverage them for improving business, and how the advertisers accessed them. For example, cable TV was a big revolution during the last decade, but now it is losing a significant number of customers. It is because people are started to engage with subscription-based TV services. Live streaming services are captivating customers and audiences. 

From the time when theatres were the major source of entertainment for the huge people, now a massive amount of the media content is being generated every day rendering the freedom for the audience to select the right one, which fits their taste and preferences. Here are the latest technological trends in the media and entertainment industry.

  • Popularity of artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is changing every industry in the world, including the media and entertainment industry. AI frameworks can be accessed to develop personalized content for the consumer based on their viewing history. The popular live streaming service, such as Netflix, is investing in creating algorithms, which improve the personalized experience for the viewers. It is accessed to develop movie trailers, ads, and streamline post-production work.

  • Augmented and virtual reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality are the newest innovations in the tech domain. However, businesses are trying to adopt these major technologies to captivate customers and then generate huge revenue. Advertisers are making access to the virtual reality in the best way to improve customers to interact with their brand and maximize brand reach among the targeted audience.

  • Customized advertising 

Soon, traditional billboards and hoardings might become a thing of the past because advertisers are now concentrating on developing personalized and targeted content for the audience. By accessing artificial intelligence, facial recognition tools, customized advertising, and behavioral data will become easier. 

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